*******     CARING FOR YOUR SANTA    *******

To properly care for your Santa...  Whether a treasured one or two,

or a full collection.

*Use your fingers or a frictionless tool to adjust hair, mustaches and beards.

*Keep away from pets and children as possible (these are not toys for either.) 

*If there are issues requiring repair please contact me. We call these "hospital visits". Fees apply.

*Store in garment bag and/or vented/breathable plastic garment box or boxes in a safe area.  

*If your Santa begins to wobble/lean forward or back (not sitting as it should) pick up Santa by pinching the entire head and slip fingers under front of robe (with opposite hand) placing thumb on the bag. Now give the bag/robe a gentle tug until it surpasses the base of the Santa by 1/4 to 1/2 inch (up to 1 inch or more on Large Santa.) When it sits it should now be balanced.


*Get them wet!

*Display near candles.

*Store in a manner in which mice or rodents could gain access.

*Store in damp/dark area (basements/sheds) in cardboard box or porous matter. 

*Pull an Antique Crazy Quilt bag as it may rip if pulled to hard. It is over 100 years old.